Approach Health with Precision

Begin your health journey with the OWN IT System. Discover your body’s unique needs with science-based insights through testing, biometric data, and coaching programs.

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Know your body, transform your life.

The OWN IT System

A $1,699 Value

$ 799
  • Cellular Health Test & Onboarding Call with OWN IT Coach
  • Whoop Band
  • Course & Lifestyle Habit Plan

Stress Resilience

Better Sleep

Boosted Immunity

More Energy

Faster Recovery

Optimized Health

Peak Fitness

Clear Purpose

Deeper Focus

Elevate Your Health Through Cellular Wellness.

Immerse yourself in the forefront of health innovation. The OWN IT System redefines well-being, offering unique insights into your cellular health, personalized supplementation, and comprehensive coaching for sustained well-being.

The OWN IT System

A $1,699 Value

$ 799
  • Cellular Health Test & Onboarding Call with OWN IT Coach
  • Whoop Band
  • Course & Lifestyle Habit Plan

Achieve True Health with OWN IT

By addressing all pillars of health, you can experience better sleep, less stress, higher energy, and so many other benefits of living in health abundance. 

What's Included in the OWN IT System?

By addressing your body’s deficiencies, tracking your biometric data, and taking action with an OWN IT Coach, the OWN IT System takes a well-informed and well-rounded approach to your health.

Here's what's included:


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Your Biometric Data

Start gathering biometric data with a WHOOP Band to help us create your Health Habit Blueprint. This data, combined with testing, will allow us to monitor and track your body’s progress as you adopt the OWN IT System. 


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Your Personal Cellular Deficiencies

Cellular Testing allows us to gather essential information about you, tailoring the program specifically to address your unique needs, deficiencies, and goals! 


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Your Health Habit Blue Print

After receiving your results, you’ll delve into key findings, strategize to address deficiencies, and collaboratively create a tailored plan with an OWN IT Health Coach for your journey towards optimal health. 

1. Track Your Biometric Data

($219 Value)

Make your long-term health a habit, become the best version of yourself, and thrive in every area of life. Use your WHOOP band to start tracking your HRV, sleep, and more. 

2. Learn Your Personal Cellular Deficiencies

Cellular Health Testing
($1,299 Value)

Elevate your health with personalized insights into your deficiencies through our Cellular Health Test. In-home phlebotomist and results debrief call with an OWN IT health coach are included.

3. Create a Health Habit Blueprint

OWN IT Course and Lifestyle Habit Plan
($299 Value)

With our medically informed testing measures and WHOOP biometric data, OWN IT works with you to create a customized plan targeting your unique cellular deficiencies. From better sleep to enhanced daily vitality, start the change today.


First Chapter of 
"The Power of Ownership"

In The Power of Ownership: Redeem Your Health, Live Life by Design, and Break the Relentless Pursuit of Normal, author Justin Roethlingshoefer delivers a transformative tool for empowerment designed to enable you to take control of your health in a holistic way.

Health Abundance Score

Health Abundance is an awesome place to be. It’s when all areas of your life are thriving. To get there, you need a clear picture of how your health’s been compromised as you’ve pursued your business’s success.

The OWN IT System

A $1,699 Value

$ 799
  • Cellular Health Test & Blueprint Debrief with OWN IT Coach
  • Whoop Band
  • Course & Lifestyle Habit Plan

Make Health a Habit

Jay's Story

Founder, Next Wellness

“I am incredibly grateful to the entire OWN IT team for changing my life. They have equipped me with the knowledge and support to achieve my health goals and continue pushing the boundaries of what I thought was possible.

If you’re a CEO, executive, or business owner looking to take control of your health and unlock your full potential, I highly recommend OWN IT. They have truly made a remarkable difference in my journey, and I’m confident they can do the same for you.”

Jesse Eker
Jesse EkerCMO, Tony Robbins
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"Performance is not what you do but who you are. The OI coaches are able to cut through all the B.S. and get right to the core by designing a lifestyle that is custom-tailored to my body's particular needs. I'm happier, healthier, and more energetic than ever!"
René Banglesdorf
René BanglesdorfCEO, The Aviation Collective
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"I came into OWN IT with hormones out of whack, sleep deprivation layering even more stress on—and no idea how to go about solving my problems. Your program guided me through better self-care, informed holistic decisions about my health, and a system for regaining agency over my general wellbeing."
Sharran Srivatsaa
Sharran SrivatsaaCEO, Srilo Capital
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"The OI team has taught me to run my body like I run my business. Their extremely clear system around data driven energy & comprehensive testing has helped me understand how to control my health KPI's to get extraordinary results every day."
Kyle Jones
Kyle JonesFounder, iCRYO
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"The OWN IT coaching platform has to be one of the most powerful tools I've come across in the proactive health space. I was thoroughly impressed with the options to choose from when it came to group calls, 1-on-1 time with your coach, and 24/7 biometric monitoring that allowed your coach to get granular when speaking to you about your day to day health metric. OWN IT is truly is different than anything I've ever seen. I highly recommend this platform, and I see it being the wave of the future!"
Amy Wine
Amy WineFounder, Amy Wine Co.
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"For 2 decades, I've tried to find experts in the physical health space. I felt like it was a lost cause until I met OWN IT. Their holistic system combined with comprehensive testing has completely changed my life. Within the first 6 months I have lost 35 pounds, and I'm just getting started. They have guided me on what foods to eat, what supplements to take, what physical fitness plan I should follow; and it is all done in a way that's not overwhelming, meeting me exactly where I am!'
Tammy Myers
Tammy MyersFounder & CEO, Mrs. Myers Foundation
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"OWN IT & their coaches have guided me through the growth process of self awareness and "showing up" as my best self. Since working with my Mindset Performance Coach, how I show up as a leader has helped move my team toward our mission of helping more children and families. Our business has scaled considerably due to this process of "action versus reaction". My team has seen the difference in me and so has my family."
Palveshey Tariq
Palveshey TariqFounder, Florida Blockchain
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"I was able to change my health from the inside out. My OI coaches helped me implement necessary lifestyle changes, diet plants, daily check-ins & goal setting, and overall mental & physical self-awareness. My mind, body & soul are clearer and healthier than ever!"
Colin Boyd
Colin BoydFounder, Oxygen Consulting
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"As a busy entrepreneur, my health was really not a priority, which was leading to poor sleep, weight gain, and high cholesterol. OWN IT helped me to retake ownership of my health and created accountability which ended up resulting in significant weight loss, my cholesterol dropping to a very healthy level, and my overall energy improving. If you are a driven entrepreneur, this program offers the support and strategies for getting your health back on track. It's the real deal!!"
Caleb Spitler
Caleb SpitlerFounder, Restio
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"OWN IT changed my life. I thought my health was in a good place but Justin & the OI team were able to uncover some gaps in my routines at an Ignite event. Since implementing their strategies, I'm sleeping better, feeling better, looking better, and accomplishing more!"