12-Month Program by Invitation Only

Make health a habit, with your person.

An exclusive community of 20 entrepreneurial, power couples.

Embark on a year-long journey of health discovery and evolution with 20 other power couples, growing individually and collectively.

An Immersive, Exclusive Experience

The Couples Collective is a unique way to connect with like minded individuals who want to life their best lives and take their relationships to the next level. Rooted in a shared commitment to health and mindset performance growth, this year-long journey is one full of self discovery and evolution, as an individual and as a couple. And by the end, you’ll feel like family.

Step One

Understand what makes you, you.

Once you join, our concierge team will set up in-home comprehensive testing to understand the nuances of your body, what it needs to thrive, and how to personalize your journey for maximum impact.

Step Two

Escape, restore, and reconnect.

Unplug from distractions at our semi-annual all-inclusive luxury health retreats. A combination of learning, training, and restoration, you’ll rediscover yourself and reignite your love for your partner.

Step Three

Connect with those you trust.

You’ll build on the momentum from our retreats with monthly master classes, available only for the Couples Collective. These sessions bring together the best of community, training, learning, and long-term growth.

Step Four

Build a foundation that lasts forever.

Enjoy the best of OWN IT in a way that has been reimagined for couples. You and your partner will be paired with a team of highly credentialed coaches who will help you thrive in every area of life.