Own your health, thrive all the time.

Thrive is our bespoke one-on-one program designed for high-achieving business owners and leaders.



We use medically informed testing measures to benchmark your physical health, enabling us to identify areas for improvement and create a clear plan.



Our biometric wearable technology tracks your body’s physiological responses to stress 24/7, helping us manage your program based on data.



Our team of highly credentialed Health and Mindset Performance Coaches leverage analytics-driven insights to design detailed protocols for you.

What You'll Experience

Level up your health with highly bespoke training, health and mindset performance coaching, and protocol accountability delivered in a private one-on-one setting over six months. This is what you can expect:

Day One

Bespoke, white-glove service.

As soon as you join one of our programs, our VIP Concierge Team will coordinate your in-home testing, send your onboarding kit, and schedule your first coaching call.

Week One

Comprehensive health deep dive.

You’ll meet your health coach and setup on demand coaching, so we can start to get to know you, working to understand your lifestyle, challenges, and goals. You’ll also receive access to our on-staff doctor. Based on our learnings, we’ll start to craft your tailor-made program.

Week Two

Meet your mindset performance coach.

You’ll have your first mindset performance session, where your coach will debrief you on your mental performance assessment and start to help you break through barriers that are holding you back from thriving in all areas of life.

Get personalized workout plan.

You deserve better than one-size-fits all. Now that we’ve spent some time getting to know you, we’ll give you your first personalized workout plan with actionable goals based on your desired health outcomes.

Week Six

Personalized blueprint debrief.

We’ll debrief you on your testing results and your Comprehensive Health Blueprint. We’ll share what we discovered through your tests and initial coaching sessions and provide clear next steps.

Week Seven

Start your custom supplements.*

You’ll get your personalized supplements that will address any of your existing micronutrient deficiencies, enzymatic alignment, and root cause therapy. 

*When service added onto a Thrive program

Month Two

Track your progress with analytics, daily.

You’ll record your habits daily and be provided with a health performance review. With insights into recovery, sleep, output, and more, you can take action that drive results.

Month Four

Retest, remeasure, compare & thrive.

We’ll send a retesting kit to determine how your health has transformed. With the results, we’ll refresh your personalized blueprints, protocols, and supplementation plan.

Month Six

Experience what it's like to thrive.

As you wrap up your Thrive journey, you’ll remeasure your mindset performance with a second assessment. Then, we invite you to a specialized offering for you to continue thriving in all areas of life.

What You'll Get


OWN IT's Bespoke One-On-One Program
  • Monthly 60-Min Health Coaching
  • Semi-Monthly 60-Min Laser Coaching With Justin
  • Unlimited Coach “In-Your-Pocket”
  • Genetic Lifestyle Test
  • Personalized Health Blueprint
  • Custom Exercise Programming​
  • WHOOP Membership
  • Coach Auditing on Biometric Data​

Additional Features Available​

  • Quarterly Cellular Health Testing​
  • Quarterly Enhanced Wellness testing​
  • Quarterly Med Advisor Lab Review​
  • 6 months of Personalized Supplements​
  • Mindset Performance Coaching​

Sathiya's Story

Owner of DeepClean Coaching

“I am incredibly grateful I came to OWN IT. I found that at the time, my life was becoming more abundant in every area but at the same time, it started to become stressful because I couldn’t manage it all.

The reason why I signed up for OWN IT was because I was not managing the stress in my life as well as I thought I was. I knew I needed help; not some cookie cutter approach. I wanted something that was customized and could be tailored to my individual health needs.

I have received exactly that- between the coaching, supplementation and overall framework, I have learned so much about myself & how to manage my health, both externally and internally.

I can see there this is still so much room to grow, but now I know EXACTLY how to get there and have a full team to support me in doing exactly that! I can’t imagine my life without OWN IT.”

Design the life you want.

Make your long-term health a habit, become the best version of yourself, and thrive in every area of life.