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You hear “you are trading your health for success”, but every action you have taken requires too much time, is too complex, and not personalized enough to your uniqueness.


You have reached significant levels of success. But you don’t accept the current version of yourself; there is so much more inside, and now it’s time to show up at a new level.


You know deep down that you have untapped potential and have a fear of not realizing those results. 


You have always won with hard work and tenacity but everything requires your energy and thus has left you feeling like you can’t get to the next level with where you currently are.


You’re not content with where you are now, which is why the next level of life means so much for both yourself, your family, and your career!


You know you can have it all, but don’t know exactly how or what that looks like

“We have never been less well in the history of our existence. We are drowning in information, but lack application and individuality. We were called to be bigger, to be different. At OWN IT, we redefine how personalized wellness is collected, analyzed, and delivered to provide a holistic integration of the mind, body and spirit. We help you own your #different.” – Justin Roethlingshoefer

This is why OWN IT exists.

Who’s It For?

Elite Executives & Entrepreneurs

We help CEOs, Executives, and Entrepreneurs take on high-stress environments with ease so they can perform at their highest potential. Tap into more energy to achieve anything!


Corporate wellness programs can help companies attract top talent as well as retain them, so why not offer support for healthier behaviors? Find out how the OWN IT can help motivate your employees to develop healthy habits that increase energy and productivity.

Elite Athletes Team

The best athletes know that every second counts when they are on the field or in competition. We help unleash your power, improve performance and give you a 1% advantage by tapping into more energy than you ever knew possible.

The OWN IT method is rooted in our 8 Controllables to help our clients realize how to live a higher performance life.





Self care

Immune Function



And that idea is what separates us from the pack. You don’t come into OWN IT world and conform to every single tactic we use on EVERY SINGLE CLIENT like you would with most other coaches.

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We’re so confident that you will realize a whole new level of energy and capacity in what you do; we guarantee it! If for any reason you feel your transformation isn’t complete, just let us know, and we’ll continue working with you until you feel the difference.

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