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AVOID Knee Jerk Reactions

Knee jerk reactions are the death to us all. Not looking at the trends and understanding the data is why we constantly chase something that we never truly OWN. Here’s how….

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Why She Seems Heartless (Your HRV is Different)

Okay that is actually a misleading title. Today we’re talking about why female HRV scores are on average lower than male HRV scores. This came up with a (competitive) couple we’re working with, and the female didn’t like that she couldn’t “beat” her partner’s HRV

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Make Stress Your B**ch (Beach)

Often we try to control our stress by controlling the situation. We clench our fists and work to eliminate whatever is stressing us. Oftentimes that’s not the right approach. A lot of stress is simply out of our control, and seeking to control it is

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7 Ways to Improve Your Evening Workouts

“What time should I train” is an age-old question. While the morning and afternoons have their own benefits, everyone agrees that training at night is not ideal. Simply, training at night disrupts our circadian rhythm, and floods sympathetic hormones like cortisol and adrenaline when we

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