Health transformation for high-achievers

Emerge an even better version of yourself.

Take control of your health and maximize your performance with a personalized group coaching program designed specifically for high-achieving business owners and leaders.

There's no denying your capacity for greatness...

Imagine Your Potential if You Stopped Settling for Anything Less Than Health Abundance.

In the Emergence program, you’ll learn to do just that, taking ownership of your health with holistic training, experiential learning, and transformative accountability. It’s all delivered in a group coaching environment over the course of three months.

Join a Group of High-Achieving Business Owners and Leaders Who Are Done With Average Health.

How does the program work?


Start collecting initial data.

You’ll receive your welcome materials, and email confirmation with information on discounted purchase links for a biometric wearable of your choice that integrates with our Coach “In-Your-Pocket”.


Learn to make your health a habit.

Over six training sessions, you’ll learn how your body keeps the score with heart rate variability. You’ll use that data to move into health abundance by adjusting your physical health and mindset performance protocols.


Progress Review with your coach.

In a one-on-one-setting, we’ll debrief you on your testing results and your Personalized Health Blueprint. We’ll share what we discovered through your tests and training sessions and provide clear next steps.

Making your health a habit doesn't need to be complex

Led by Justin, the Best in the Industry at Making Performance Simple & Systematic.

From a young age Justin Roethlingshoefer has always been self-motivated to improve, developing the discipline and work ethic necessary to excel. At 13 years old his father said “son, talent will get you noticed but consistency will get you paid” and that set up his quest of founding Own It.

Over the last 20+ years Justin has worked with Stanley Cup Champions, NHL MVPs, Super Bowl Champions, Olympians, 8, 9, and 10 figure entrepreneurs and fortune 500 companies. After completing his MS in Sport Performance and Human Biology, Justin sought out post graduate work in functional medicine. He has worked as a Performance Director in the NHL & NCAA, and founded a private camp for professional hockey players focusing on healing them from the inside out. He is an Amazon best selling author for his books: Intent, Blueprint, and the Own It Manual. They focused on peak performance, human optimization, and applying data and testing to create personalized blueprints.

Justin’s knack for making the complex simple is among the best in the performance industry. Nobody takes the latest research on nutrition, training, and recovery, and packages it into digestible, systematic and applicable steps.

What You'll Learn

Take ownership of your health with holistic training, experiential learning, and transformative accountability delivered in a group coaching environment over the course of three months.

Man setting a timer in his wrist watch standing in the gym. Bare chested muscle athlete holding skipping rope with sweat all over his body after workout.
Aging woman smiling happily while holding a buddha bowl in her kitchen. Happy senior woman serving herself a healthy vegan meal at home. Mature woman taking care of her body with a plant-based diet.
Image of young couple sleeping soundly in bed together. Husband and wife sleeping together in their bedroom.
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Session One

Start Your Transformation

Embark on your journey as we introduce you to Emergence. Dive into HRV and The Eight Controllables while defining your goals.

Session Two

Movement & Self-Care Mastery

Dive deep into the world of Movement/Exercise and Self-Care. Collaborate with your Health Coach to shape a two-week action plan.

Session Three

Optimize Sleep & Your Environment

Shift your focus to Sleep and Environment. Fine-tune your habits and create a plan to elevate your sleep quality and surroundings.

Session Four

Focus on Nutrition & Hydration

Uncover Nutrition and Hydration essentials. Learn the basics of a balanced diet and hydration practices, then create an action plan.

Session Five

Build Resiliency & Immunity

Explore Mindset and Immune Function. Develop mental resilience and empower your immune system with a custom plan.

Session Six

Reflect, Reset, & Plan for Success

As you reach the program’s end, reflect on your journey, acknowledge achievements, and pinpoint what’s needed for ongoing success.

Bonus Session

Private 1:1 Session With Your Health Coach

The program concludes with a private 1:1 session with your Health Coach where we will: set goals based on your Emergence experience, debrief testing results, co-create your personal blueprint, and finalize an action plan to integrate sustainable habits into your daily life.

René's Story

Founder, The Aviation Collective

“I came into OWN IT with hormones out of whack, sleep deprivation layering even more stress on—and no idea how to go about solving my problems. Your program guided me through better self-care, informed holistic decisions about my health, and a system for regaining agency over my general wellbeing.”

The best place for high-achievers ready to level up their health, their performance, and their life

What’s Included in Emergence?

12-Week Intensive Coaching Program

Experience a transformative journey over 12 weeks, guided by top-notch health and mindset experts. Our comprehensive program is designed to take you step by step through every aspect of health optimization and peak performance.

Unlimited Coach "In-Your-Pocket" Access

Imagine having a dedicated coach at your fingertips whenever you need guidance, motivation, or support. Our unique “In-Your-Pocket” coaching ensures that you have instant access to expert advice, right when you need it, to keep you on track towards your goals.

Coach Auditing of Biometric Data

Harness the power of cutting-edge technology. Our coaches will closely analyze the biometric data tracked by your wearable device. This personalized feedback will help fine-tune your health plan, making it uniquely tailored to your needs and goals.

The 4 Pillars of the OI System

We don’t believe in one-size-fits-all solutions. Your program will include a personalized plan that addresses the specific areas of your life that require improvement. You’ll gain actionable insights and strategies to make lasting changes.

Genetic Lifestyle Test for Personalized Insights*

Unlock the secrets hidden within your Genetic Lifestyle Test. Our comprehensive genetic testing will provide you with invaluable insights into your unique genetic makeup, helping you make informed decisions about your health and lifestyle.

*Available as an add-on.

Personalized Health Blueprint With Debrief Call

Receive a detailed Personalized Health Blueprint based on your test results and progress. During a one-on-one debrief call, our experts will walk you through the blueprint, explaining the findings and offering guidance on how to maximize your health potential.

3 Month Workout Program, Designed by Justin

Supercharge your fitness journey with a three-month workout plan created by OWN IT’s founder, Justin Roethlingshoefer. Tailored to your needs and goals, this plan will help you build strength, stamina, and resilience.

Discounted Offers From All OI Partners

As a valued member of the Emergence program, you’ll gain exclusive access to discounted offers from our network of trusted partners. These deals cover a wide range of health and wellness products and services, further enhancing your path to success.

Bi-weekly Live Access to Justin on Laser Coaching Calls

Join bi-weekly live coaching calls hosted by Justin himself. Get your burning questions answered, receive personalized coaching, and connect with a community of like-minded individuals on the same transformative journey.

Emergence Options Starting at Only
$599 Per Month!


OWN IT's Highly Personalized Group Program
  • 12-Week Intensive Coaching Program
  • Unlimited Coach “In-Your-Pocket”
  • Coach Auditing of Biometric Data
  • Customized Plan
  • Personalized Health Blueprint With Debrief Call
  • 3 Month Workout Program, Designed by Justin
  • Discounted Offers From All OI Partners
  • Bi-weekly Live Access to Justin on Laser Coaching Calls

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