Why She Seems Heartless (Your HRV is Different)

Okay that is actually a misleading title. Today we’re talking about why female HRV scores are on average lower than male HRV scores. This came up with a (competitive) couple we’re working with, and the female didn’t like that she couldn’t “beat” her partner’s HRV score.

The reason women tend to have lower HRV is their hearts are smaller, which means the hearts need to beat more (on average 3.5x more per minute) in order to meet the body’s oxygen demands.

A smaller more simply means it takes more beats to accomplish the same job. Yes, women tend to have smaller bodies as well, but based on the average heart rate this doesn’t offset the change in heart size.

While this is a small detail, it speaks to a broader, more important point about HRV: it is individualized.

Don’t Compare Your HRV to your spouse, friend, or competitor

The only person you should be competing with when it comes to HRV is yourself.

Go Own It.


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